What’s in my pocket?

What’s in my pocket? Hint: It’s not the one ring. It’s actually a collection of writing resources I’ve found all over the internet and kept in my handy Pocket app. Pocket is a great app that saves online articles to read later, and you can get it for Chrome, iOS, and Android. Among the many webpages I’ve saved, I’ve found these nine to be particularly helpful for writers.

Finding hashtags that are more than just annoying/ironic/irrelevant cries for attentionSylvanas

Writer Beware: Editors and Assessment Services

24 Things no one ever tells you about the publishing industry

6 Questions writers ask about copyright and the law

Rules and tips for writing good queries

The frightening and wondrous things that will happen to you when you publish your first novel

When to follow up with literary agents while querying

Is self-publishing a viable option for literary fiction writers?

Accepting responsibility for your writing career

Do you have any great writing resources stored in your pocket? If so, leave a comment and let me know!

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