What’s in my pocket? Resources for writers!

As I go about my days, I come across a plethora of helpful articles on writing and the publishing industry. I use a handy app called Pocket to save them all for when I get a chance to sit down and read them.

My cat, "helping" me write.

My cat, “helping” me write.

Every so often I like to share the resources I’ve found. Here are four of the best articles and blog posts I’ve picked up in the last few months.

How to Effectively Handle Time Shifts in Your Story

This article is great because it really gets down to the nitty gritty of using time shifts, and discusses when it’s a good time to use one, and how to tell if it’s really necessary.

14 Things to Revise in Your Manuscript

This is a great basic list of what you need to watch out for when revising a manuscript, along with tips for making sure things like backstory and worldbuilding are solidly in place.

3 Common Author Platform Mistakes — Plus How to Fix Them

Writer’s Digest is always an excellent and reliable source of information. This article discusses the pitfalls of building a platform, and some of the strategies people use to get past them.

10 Questions to ask when you get an offer of representation

Often people are so excited to get an offer from a literary agent that they might forget how important it is to make sure the agent is a good fit for them. Questions like these can help authors decide if an agent is the right person to represent their manuscript.

Bonus: The Most Beautiful Art Based On William Gibson’s Neuromancer

If you’re a science fiction fan like I am, or if you just love beautiful art, you should check out io9’s article showcasing some brilliant pieces inspired by the sci-fi classic Neuromancer.

I hope some of these articles are helpful! They certainly were for me. Next time, I’ll get back to the discussion of effective description I started last week.

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