What’s in my pocket? Resources for writers

As I go about my usual business wasting time on social media, I often come across excellent articles on the craft of writing and the business of publishing. Because I’m distracted by cat pictures, I tuck them away in my pocket to read later. Every so often, I like to share some of the best information I’ve come across.

Photo Jan 27, 9 59 28 PM

  • No one knows how to tell a story like Pixar. Lucky for us, Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats tweeted 22 rules of storytelling. io9 collected the tweets here.
  •  On PubCrawl, an excellent blog about writing and the publishing industry, this post on how to respond to critiques gives excellent guidelines for anyone ready to seek out opinions on their work.
  • For those of you getting ready to take the plunge and release a new book, Susan Spann has this excellent article on writing a business plan for your book.
  • This infographic and article on the difference between literary, upmarket, and commercial fiction helped me figure out where my novels fit.

I hope some of these resources are helpful, as you go through your own writing and publishing process, or just as a peek into the industry!

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