Dark City by Sarah Kay Moll ~ #DarkCity #Extract

Ronnie Turner ~ Author & Book Blogger


Dark City


Sarah Kay Moll

Welcome to the blog today! I have a fabulous extract from Dark City by Sarah Kay Moll, which publishes tomorrow!! If that stunning cover isn’t enough to whet your appetite, this extract certainly will! But first, here is a little bit more about the book and its lovely author:

About the Book


Jude has a tender heart. Yet he was born into a criminal empire and groomed from childhood to step into his father’s violent footsteps. To survive, he created a second personality. Ras is everything Jude isn’t—cruel, remorseless, and utterly without fear, as incapable of love as Jude is of malice.
But when Ras meets a ruthless socialite, he begins to feel a strange stirring of emotion, a brush of Jude’s passion against his own dark heart. Meanwhile, Jude finds himself with a knife in his hand, the evil in Ras’s soul bleeding…

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